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We offer a varied range of cake flavours and fillings - choose from

Cake & Buttercream Flavours

Chocolate cake - delicious rich moist dark and scrumptious cake, made with real chocolate amazing with either Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Passion fruit, Mint, Chocolate Chip, Cookies and cream, Rum, Baileys or orange buttercream....yum.

- Carrot cake - mouth watering carrot cake packed full with nuts and raisins and lovely spices (available without nuts or fruits) pair with White Chocolate or Cream Cheese buttercream....exquisite.

- Lemon cake - tangy and fresh lemon cake paired with Blueberry, Lemon or Passion fruit buttercream.

- Red Velvet cake - rich chocolate and deep red Southern American red velvet cake delicious with Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Vanilla or Cream Cheese buttercream available topped with chocolate glaze or fruits....very popular.

- Strawberry cake - Yummy strawberry cake made with fresh strawberry puree pair with Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla buttercream.

- Vanilla cake - delicious vanilla cakes a treat with our Cookies and Cream, Chocolate, Passion fruit, Chocolate Chip, Ginger creams, Mint, Strawberry, Rum or loads more scrumptious buttercreams

- Coconut cake - scrumptious coconut cake, also available as bounty cake....yummy absolutely delicious with Chocolate, Lemon & Raspberry, Coconut or Zingy Lime buttercream.

- Rich Fruit Cakes - 3 month matured rich fruit cake - kindly book as early as possible.
- Rich Chocolate fruit cake - fruit cake with a chocolate kick....extremely scrumptious

All our buttercreams are available in Swiss Meringue and American Buttercream.
Also available - Jam and cream

Each cake is baked to order. We are a home bakery and our calendar fills up quickly. Please order early to guarantee availability. Special seasonal offerings for the holidays are available throughout the year.

We look forward to hearing from you!!!!

Cake Portions - pans available to 16.