Simply Scrumptious!!!



Hello friends, it’s our maiden blog and I would like to tell you a little bit about LolasBakes and myself.

As I made my children’s birthday cakes – pictures of which I am too shy to paste……lol – I realised that though these cakes were not pretty sights they however ALWAYS got eaten before the beautifully decorated cakes I ordered from the shop – I usually had to hand out my priced cakes as favours.
A few more family celebration cakes later, I started getting requests from family and friends to make them cakes and hence LolasBakes was born.
LolasBakes is devoted to making simply scrumptious cakes that would not only look good but taste great too.
A lot of love and attention go into creating your delicious masterpieces, incorporating your personal touches and ultimately making you and your party a big treat.

                                     ‘a bit about me’
I must confess – I have an addiction – a cake addiction. I am in love with baking cakes, decorating cakes, designing cakes, dreaming cakes and lately using loads and loads of chocolate….in all forms…
I am a mother of 2 boys and a passionate cake maker and artist– I believe this is simply what I’m meant to do.
As a child, I watched my mum in awe as she created birthday cakes, as she mixed the ingredients with her wooden spatula in a bowl. I waited eagerly as I am sure most of you did, for her to hand over the bowl which my siblings and I then proceeded to tussle over.
I baked for fun & friends as I grew older. I loved the look of pleasure and excitement on faces as my cakes were shared, eaten and taken away. 
Of greater pleasure now though is the look of excitement on my customers faces when they see their cakes and great feedback after these cakes have been devoured.
Cake baking , design & decorating brings me a lot of pleasure and I am at my most relaxed and excited when planning a cake, reviewing a cake book, learning a new cake decorating skill……… and even making buttercream. I love trying new and unique flavours & recipes and love introducing these to my customers.
For me cake is much more than the norm, I am currently also in love with tall layered and decadent cakes, huge and sometimes crazy but beautiful non-the-less…. Watch this space!!!
  ‘The blog’
This blog is my way to share my love for baking and decorating and any new skills I acquire with well, anyone who would read it and all who share my passion for baking, caking & decorating.
 I am glad you are here.
Let’s get baking……..