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The Team and Lola

Hello, my name is Lola. Thanks for dropping by.

​I am an enthusiastic self-taught cake designer with almost a decade's experience creating amazing cakes for our clients.

I thoroughly enjoy working with my customers and doing my utmost to bring their cake ideas to life.

My love for cakes was discovered when I started baking my sons’ birthday cakes. With great pride, I soon realized many people in my circle enjoyed and appreciated my cakes.

Soon, requests for our delicious cakes began pouring in from family and friends, leading to the birth of LolasBakes.

It has since been a rewarding journey of creating premium and outstanding cakes that have become our trademark. It has also been our privilege to tend to our customers, learning and evolving.

Our team’s experience is a combination of self-taught skills and professional tutoring and we continue to learn new techniques and skills.

Lola is a member of the British Sugar Craft Guild.

We look forward to working with you to create exquisite centrepieces for your celebrations or our delicious treats for self-pampering or gifts.

Call us; we will be delighted to hear from you!

– Lola

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