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The Team and Lola

Hello, I’m Lola. Thank you for visiting.

As a passionate, self-taught cake designer with nearly a decade of experience, I bring a unique blend of creativity and precision to my craft.

My journey began with baking birthday cakes for my sons, a passion that soon attracted the admiration of family and friends, leading to the founding of LolasBakes.

In addition to my baking expertise, I am a qualified Accountant with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence. My professional background enhances my approach to managing orders and ensuring the highest quality in every creation; ensuring that each cake is not only beautifully designed but also flawlessly executed.

Proudly a member of the British Sugar Craft Guild, my team and I continually refine our techniques, blending self-taught artistry with professional training to deliver premium cakes that are our hallmark.

We look forward to creating exquisite centrepieces for your celebrations,  yourself and loved ones. Please call us; we would be delighted to assist in making your cake dreams a reality.

Warm regards,

Birthday Cakes in Sunbury
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